About Second-Arks

Yes: We “Invented Prepping”

“Second-Arks” are the next evo of that direction.

From the beginning?  This is going to take a minute.  Let me lay it out as a timeline and maybe it will make sense. This really began 25 years ago.

1998: George Ure launches the UrbanSurvival.com website

1999: Ure realizes the notion of Prepping (based on long wave economic problems ahead) is really what the site is about.  So, the content of Urban goes that way.  Thus, he was part of the initial prepping movement ahead of the Y2K event.

2001: Urban becomes a leading site dealing with the mass change in governance (and hence financial control) of society in the wake of “terrorism.”

Later in 2001: Ure’s Inside Report (a subscriber newsletter) under the UrbanSurvival banner is born. The Ure’s go sailing and prepare to bug out.

2002-2010: Lots of sailing and software management adventures fill-in Life after multiple yachties were killed and injured off Central America and in the Caribbean.  (We like 9-1-1 services to work, thanks!)

2005: Urban Survival’s Inside Report becomes its own brand.  Peoplenomics.com.  It had become more a center for economic thought on the one hand, and related action plans on the other.

2011: Ure and bride (having really evolved a “survival platform” home in the East Texas Outback) ready for 2012 Earth Shift – which was a non-event.

2012: Came and went, but it (or some other extinction level event) is still out there.  What we don’t know is when.

2020:  The Ure’s come up with yet-another time-sink while collecting woodworking, metalworking, and gardening tools and equipment!  3D Printing which they began to breathe life into via the Ultra-Make website.

2023-On:  Our “growing interest” (if you’ll pardon the pun!) has been in self-sufficiency once again.

This as the term “prepping” doesn’t really fill out the whole “need of future people”.

Prepping is Social-Media-friendly but almost totally narcissistic in its outlooks.

In other words, having food doesn’t make a replacement society.  In order to be vigorous and viable, we have a wider range of human aspects and attribute to evolve into.

For example:

  • We need to evolve a Global Morality.  With the core values of the world’s great religions.  Whether Torah, the Five Pillars, 10-Commandments, the Sutras, Koans, and more.
  • Global Education is a must: Because without mental competence, having a modern society blink out and come back for a few dinner parties, then blinking out again seems, well, kinda pointless…
  • Industrial Education: We need to work with our hands more.  Sure, love the tech, direct connections to brains might be useful, but really, holding a newly-delivered baby, running a perfect welding bead, building your first wall for a home, cleaning your first fish or deer?  It’s what we are genetically built for.
  • Rescaling:  What is “wealth” needs to redefined.  Is it some number of calories per day, with 2 gallons of good water? A Home with 500 S.F. per resident?  Is is a guaranteed income of some sort?  Is digital access a human right, utility, or a waste of time?
  • Should Social Media be Limited?  We secretly worry that too much social media is just as damaging as drugs and street-corner revolutionaries.
  • Should GMO Food be illegal? We already learned something, I think from the rush to monetize Covid with vaccines.  Shouldn’t GMO foods and additives be subject to even closer scrutiny?  When will the self-righteous among vegans admit to carbotoxity and food allergies as real and incompatible (on a financially equal basis) with their dogma?

What is Second Arking?

Very simply:  Prepping in all aspects of life.  To include:

  • Food, of course.  But it’s much more.
  • Shelter – owning your own and paying taxes ahead of time.
  • Communications: Having your own means and tools.
  • Transportation: Reducing barriers to ultra-mileage vehicles for those willing to take the personal risk.   A 500-pound vehicle is more environment friendly than a 5-ton SUV.
  • Environment:  Bring back gravity septic systems where possible. Get tech tyranny out of the bathroom!
  • Energy: Demand energy cost equality. When power companies sell power, that’s at one rate (say 15 cents a kwhr).  But when they buy back from green cogen producers they pay half – and even less – if they can BS or lobby utility regulators into it.
  • Finance:  Honest dollars. A dollar saved since 1913 is down to 3 cents of purchasing power in just 100-years. Dishonesty Dollars breeds dishonest public policy, inflation, and the new for serial wars. The first step in fighting corruption is crooked money must be driven out.

All populated by:

  • A loving couple (or single and shopping, lol)
  • Children willing to live by Ark Rules and
  • Everyone willing to work for the good of all others present…

That’s what Second-Ark’ers are all about.

  1. Evolve your home into an Ark.
  2. A job site.
  3. A food source.
  4. A low-impact environmental reserve.
  5. A moral, healthy, growing, and evolving place for the “Three You’s” to abide:
    • The Physical You (food and water)
    • The Intellectual You (meaningful work and skills)
    • The Spiritual You (touching your Higher Self, preparing for the life-after this one.  Which is a rehearsal.

Everything that you have, think, do, hold and aspire-to, cherish, plan, and realize?  It’s all very Noah-like.

You own the Second Ark. Your Ark.  Whatever you made it to be in this lifetime.

Read about the “coming rains” in headlines daily.

Thank you.